Digital Utility Software Solutions for Electric

ARCOS provides digital utility software solutions for electric crews to bid or swap shifts, find available resources nearby, report incidents, assess damage, and much more.

ARCOS Solutions for Electric Utility Workforce Mobility & Management

Our Electric Utility Resource Management Software is specifically designed to help electric utilities manage their diverse resources from incident reporting &  damage assessment, to emergency callout solutions, electric utility workforce mobility & management, to restoration and reporting during any day-to-day operations or emergencies.

Shareholders, regulators, and customers are demanding faster response from electric companies. ARCOS simplifies the restoration process for you. Our digital utility software solutions for electric utilities speeds up the process of calling out crews and managing emergency resources through the use of automation. Resulting in the ability to arrive at an accurate Estimated Time of Restoration (ETR), to mobilize & manage crews faster, allowing your electric utility crew to respond more efficiently. It provides one centralized place for electric utility resource management and helps you to ensure long term success.

“With ARCOS, System Control Center can automatically launch simultaneous call outs, receiving multiple responses at once, the utility no longer has to schedule and compensate groups of employees to be on standby throughout the year.”

Relay Magazine

Executives and regulators are demanding transparency in metrics, resources, compliance, and safety. ARCOS provides the information, tools, dashboards, and reports that you need for quick and easy insight, both in the office and in the field, of electric crews during any major restoration event. Our solution integrates the power of mobile, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and transparent data seamlessly.  Having this at your fingertips, through our mobile app or our cloud based solution, this electric utility resource management software allows instant access to accurate and detailed information, resulting in expedited decision making and reporting for constituents.

Whether you are an Investor Owned Utility (IOU), electric cooperative or public utility district, you can realize cost savings for your electric company, save time, and reduce risk by automating the management of emergency crews and resources, with ARCOS. Learn more about successful automation for electric utility workforce mobility & management below.

Getting Started for Electric Companies: Business Case for Electric Utility Resource Management Software

ARCOS digital utility software solutions for electric will typically show a return on investment, (ROI) in less than one year.

The ARCOS Callout solution for electric utilities pays for itself through the reduction of hard costs alone. When soft costs are added, implementing the solution is one of the easiest and most profitable decisions you will ever make. The ARCOS solution is highly scalable, and will benefit your electric utility whether you are an Investor Owned Utility (IOU), a Municipal or a Membership Cooperative. Typically, utilities see real return on investment (ROI) within six months, and the system completely pays for itself within one year, and results in positive cash savings year over year. The chart below shows savings ranges based on an actual business case of a larger IOU and a smaller sized Membership Cooperative.  Average savings and actual cases may vary.


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Reduce call out dispatch time

$7,500 – $25,000

Reduce crew paid wait time

$10,000 – $270,000

Increased revenue from meters spinning sooner after power restoration

$8,000 – $30,000

Reduce call out documentation time

$7,500 – $45,000

Reduce list maintenance time

$13,500 – $45,000

Eliminate cost of grievances (avoiding) or settle-up costs

$5,500 – $25,000


$52,000 – $440,000


Provides visibility into front-line performance
Reduces callout time to reduce CAIDI potential fines

$100,000 – $250,000

No need for homegrown system for data entry and reporting
Reduces average labor time for common repairs


Regulatory or court hearing preparation

$38,500 – $60,000

Interrogation and investigation


Court fees, media training

$50,000 – $100,000


$238,000 – $460,000


$290,000 – $900,000

*Savings estimate based on size of electric utility: small to large

Learn how your electric utility can start saving!