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How to Bring Processes and Work Together While Keeping a Distance

By September 17, 2020Blog

The strangeness of 2020 is well documented and has affected everyone. The pandemic has caused a reevaluation and re-imagining of how we do business, including discovering who can work remotely and the instituting of safety protocols on how close crews can get on a job site. Even a transformation in team members’ rotation has taken place, so illness won’t reduce response and restoration times, and instant contact tracing is easily achievable and retrievable. We’ve had a lot on our plates.  

However, work doesn’t take a break. It’s infinite and keeps growing and growing – and when your finite resources have stipulations and qualifications assigned to them thanks to COVID-19, efficient workload management seems more distant than standing 6 feet away from your friends and family. It’s also incredibly tricky when that work is siloed in multiple systems that create gaps by not communicating with one another. How can anything get accomplished when everything is so far away?

Redefine work management processes with ARCOS Mobile Workbench. 

ARCOS Mobile Workbench is a solution that creatively automates and streamlines your ability to manage people, equipment, job orders, work tickets, and work all in one system. It brings together the disparate data from outage, work management, aging GIS, and EAMS systems, all into one centralized app with an easy-to-follow GUI. This allows utilities to fully visualize operations while social distancing by helping dispatch center traffic remain sparse and eliminating paperwork. It also gives operations a single source of historical truth for reporting, work completion, and knowing what crews were where and when. 

ARCOS Mobile Workbench is working like a charm for Grant County Public Utility District in the state of Washington. Grant PUD uses the solution to efficiently assign work to crews by skill set and who is closest to the trouble. Workbench is integrated with Grant PUD’s geographical information system and became a simple way to manage field order assignments, track work progress, and collect work details in real-time. Using the app via a smartphone, crews can accept available work, self-assign new work, or put a job in their queue. While in the field, they can perform damage assessment, write up new work orders, and closeout jobs. 

March 2020 showed all of us how helpful technology can be in maintaining safety while efficiently managing workloads. Work management processes are being updated to evolve with the times. It’s a necessity for systems to work together while crews, dispatchers, and managers remain safely socially distanced. ARCOS Mobile Workbench brings a solution to the table that ties everything together.  Contact us to learn more. 

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