Incident Manager: Plan Before The Event, Automate Activation and Manage Incident Command and Emergency Operation Systems Communications for Maximum Efficiency.

Effective Incident Management Software For Emergency Operation and Incident Command Systems and Teams

Change lives. Respond Faster.

Emergencies happen. Storms, floods, wildfires, security breaches, active shooters – lives can be at stake and your mission is to respond as quickly as possible. Whether you activate your own emergency response structure or use FEMA’s Incident Command Structure (ICS), manually activating resources, exchanging information, emailing documents and reports takes up precious time when time is at stake. ARCOS incident management software can help with an organized solution.

Incident Manager solves this issue by automating the planning, staffing and scaling of the resources required to implement your emergency plan, routing the required information or communications to your incident command system management teams.

Mobilize and manage incidents in minutes, not hours. Respond to events faster with Incident Manager.


  • No more paper or notebooks – everything you and your emergency teams need in one system
  • Create your own scalable templates for your entire organization, and for a variety of incidents using an ICS structure that works for you
  • Activation Phases – define how your organization will scale UP
  • Deactivation Phase – Define how your organization will scale DOWN


  • Rapidly staff an event using automated callout of eligible employees
  • Enable employees to accept a role from a mobile phone or via the telephone
  • Spin up your emergency teams in minutes vs hours
  • View real-time acceptance of roles and associated organization charts from the web or from a mobile device


  • Build organization charts that make sense for you and the way you manage ICS
  • Start with your own templates and modify on-the-fly as needed


  • Automated document routing via Templates and Phases – By Role, Distribution List or Event
  • Document repository – Ability to upload, view or manage a document version history
  • SIREN & Mass Calling – Route notifications directly to ARCOS users and non-users alike
  • Event Location Check-In – Know where personnel and resources are
  • Interactive Dashboards – A variety of instant insights into one incident or multiple incidents


  • Seamlessly integrate with current systems, such as: OMS, HRMS, document management, and other emergency management applications.

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How Does it Work?

ARCOS Incident Manager relies on its built-in real-time coverage plans. Just like a Callout is executed for linemen, the system knows which employees can play which roles as well as who has the right skills for the job and places callouts to automatically fill the roles needed. As the roles are accepted via phone, text, email, mobile app or directly in the system, Incident Manager completes the org chart for your coverage plan so everyone has access until the decommissioning of the event.

Everything At Your Fingertips

Pre-configured incident or storm scenario templates contain the exact instructions and documents each member needs so they can begin executing quickly. As members gather information, powerful document routing capabilities ensure that the right information gets to the right people at the right time reducing manual processes such as phone calls, emails and management of multiple documents. Check-In/Check-Out capabilities allow instant insight into what work is currently being done or has been completed.

ARCOS Incident Manager records all historical records, documents and activities during the incident providing powerful reporting for post-event review and drills.

Powerful API for Communication

ARCOS’ advanced API enables utilities to connect to OMS, WMS, HRMS and Learning Management applications to provide the information you need to secure the right resources and connect to your existing document management system. Fully integrated with the other ARCOS Resource Management solutions utilities can utilize one familiar system for blue sky or emergency incidents, which allows for reduced training and increased optimal resource utilization.