Work & Resource Management Solutions for Critical Infrastructure Industries

Utilities, Airlines and Manufacturers look to ARCOS’s leading SaaS based Resource Management Solutions.


For utilities, our solutions help the industry Plan, Respond, Restore and Report for both daily operations and emergency scenarios using one system. ARCOS is focused on helping our customers manage the people needed to provide safe, reliable and affordable service. Our customers include Electric, Gas, Water and Power Plants across the US and Canada.

The process transition between daily operations and emergency scenarios is one that often increases the time it takes to respond and restore quickly. Using one system, ARCOS helps them support resources needed to connect and manage service assets, plan for resources needed during daily or emergency situations, automate complex callouts and manage both external and internal employees – all in one system.

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For Airlines we provide advanced scheduling solutions that help automate the complex scheduling process; triggering phone calls, texts, or emails to helping match flight crews with planes to reduce cancellations. Using ARCOS thousands of calls can go off at once; ensuring that you comply with union contracts and reduce grievances.

For Aviation Companies who are charged with scheduling and managing ground personnel, ARCOS RosterApps is a web based scheduling system that reduces delays, improves safety and efficient flight operations by automating the scheduling process, providing self service capabilities that enable shift bidding and swaps as well as automated calendaring and communications to ensure staff levels are optimal to support flight operations. Unlike manual processes, or partially integrated scheduling solutions, ARCOS RosterApps is designed specifically for the needs of ground crew schedulers to provide one source for rostering, scheduling and managing staff to promote efficient airline operations and improve the customer experience.

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For manufacturers that must manage complex, union or policy-based rules to fill line shifts, ARCOS scheduling solutions can drastically reduce the time it takes to get the right resources to the line by automating the scheduling and callout process, ensuring that plants have the right staff to work manufacturing lines efficiently reducing shutdown and restart costs.

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