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Digital Construction Management Software

Accelerate Capital Construction Projects & Build Better

Construction Management Software Product Sheet

The New Standard in Digital Construction Management

ARCOS Mobile Workbench is a utility-specific digital construction management solution that accelerates time to revenue by efficiently planning and safely executing system construction, including expansion of electric, gas, and water distribution systems.

Connect the Field & Back Office

Give everyone on your team, contractors and internal crews, a single pane of glass to manage construction by integrating your digital assets, systems, and datasets (CAD, WMS, GIS, Inventory) to push and pull data from Mobile Workbench.

Improve Situational Awareness

Get a complete, real time street level view of assets, construction status, and crew location to drive operational efficiency, transparency, and safety throughout pre-construction, short or long cycle work, and post-construction.

Design Modification

Bring engineering designs in from CAD and digitally markup any design changes based on site knowledge


Manage crews and assign primary with 100% of workorders delivered digitally

Job Readiness

Add additional job requirements (e.g., staking, call before dig, locates)

Materials Issuance

Automatically generates available material lists based on project compatible units

Work Steps and Digital Redlining

Allows field workers to record redlines and adders for short or long cycle work

Materials Return

Ensures that parts and equipment are promptly returned to yard and stores

Post-Construction Review

Generate all required reporting to close out a project

Finance Review

Provides time sheets and worker KPIs for payroll and audit

Connexus Advances Electric Distribution System Construction with Real Time Mobile Workforce Management

Faced with a rapidly expanding service area, Minnesota’s largest electric cooperative had limited visibility into large construction projects like distribution lines or energizing service for new subdivisions and commercial buildings. Learn how Connexus gained a real time view into construction work as it is completed in the field with Mobile Workbench, accelerating service delivery and time to revenue.

Read Connexus Energy Case Study

Automate & Accelerate Construction Workflows

Replaces paper work packets, phone calls, and e-mails with a digital workflow, from capital project design modification through construction and project close out.

Optimize Long Cycle Work at Every Stage

ARCOS Mobile Workbench targets efficiency gains at every stage, empowering crews to get started faster without waiting on requisition to be fully completed and orchestrating supply chains.

Seamlessly Manage Staff & Contractors

Connects to Work Management Systems with tools to assign crews (both native and non-native) and distribute work orders to your hybrid workforce of field staff and contractors.

Start the Next Revenue Generating Capital Project Faster

By orchestrating multiple ongoing construction projects, Mobile Workbench helps you complete jobs faster and maintain your regulated quota of open jobs.

Easily Access Compatible Units

No more hunting for the right CU in a book – crews can now instantly access the exact compatible units library for the job and contract, validated to ensure CU accuracy and rates.

Prevent Costly Inventory Loss

Eliminate material and risk management costs of lost or stolen parts and equipment by tracking unused assets and directing crews to return to yard or stores.

Track Crew KPIs

Mobile Workbench automatically tracks crew hours and time spent on specific job tasks, providing unprecedented detailed KPIs for cost analysis and contract negotiation.

Validate Work & Eliminate Errors

Completely eliminates manual redlines, adders, and back office transcription. Also, validates all steps and materials against project specifications and compatible units.

Improve safety, deliver new service faster, and accelerate time to revenue with a powerful digital construction management workflow that keeps capital projects moving with clockwork precision, from pre-build design review and inventory to as-built and audit.


Let our team demonstrate how we can help solve your mobile workforce challenges today.

Being able to bring together and integrate all our work and crew data into one repository system, to govern all of it is what sold us. With Mobile Workbench, if a builder is waiting for critical service to be energized, as a company we will see that the work is completed in real time.

Kristin Whitwam

Electric Operations Project Leader, Connexus Energy

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Construction Management Software at a Glance


Mobile Workbench simplifies and accelerates pre-construction with role-based views for foremen and requisition teams to adjust designs, issue job readiness tasks, automate bill of materials, and alert crews to pick up and get an early start.

Short/Long Cycle Projects

Mobile Workbench empowers field workers with an intuitive mobile app that they’ll love using, providing instant access to permits, work details, compatible units, and tools to digitally record their design redlines and adders from anywhere.


Mobile Workbench seamlessly orchestrates project close out by ensuring that parts and equipment are returned to inventory, updating GIS with as-built design, and providing finance with data and KPIs needed for payroll and audits.


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