Mobile Field Service Inspection App

With our incident inspection app for utilities, we are able to transition you from a reactive over to a predictive maintenance approach.




Our clients make up a major portion of the top electric and gas utility companies in North America. With the help of our inspection services, businesses can manage their duties in an efficient and effective manner. As inspection technology continues to advance we at Arcos are always improving ways to aid businesses with a wide range of tasks. We continue to strive for responsive, reliable, and effective inspection solutions.

  • Reduced field inspection cost – Any device can be used for the app (BYOD) by employees or contracted resources, which eliminates the need for expensive data collection specialized devices.
  • Field and safety mobile inspection in hours versus days keeps crews available for construction work, emergency services, or other higher priority tasks.
  • Faster and more accurate inspections and data entry and collection are enabled through the application’s guided assessment.
  • Online/offline allows inspections and inspection reports to continue without the need for connectivity to GIS or WMS systems.
  • Materials and inspection paper forms for repair are captured and sent automatically to WMS.
  • Easy prioritization reporting allows for ideal solution management of infrastructure repairs, including calculation of customers affected by possible equipment issues in a particular geographic area.
  • Location services inside the mobile app provide a quick view of an inspector’s location for safety, monitoring job progress, and inspection reports.

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RE Magazine New Product Showcase – The new ARCOS Mobile Inspection solution assesses infrastructure like substations or gas lines in hours instead of days. Repairs can be prioritized based on customers affected and inspection data collected.

Two reasons why water utilities should automate workflow – When a major storm impacts a region, the demand on that region’s water utility skyrockets. Pumps need monitoring, chemical doses need measuring, and urgent issues need swift resolution. ARCOS’ Mobile Inspection App uses location services to update GIS information in real time.

Tech is a necessity for efficiency and reliability – Wild fires running rampant! Over-compressed gas lines exploding! Increasing frequency of unplanned weather events! It’s no longer a case of keeping software and equipment on a budgetary back-burner, it’s time to accelerate adoption of a Mobile Inspection App. Put reporting, data collection and damage assessment in place before the next incident happens.


  • What Is Mobile Inspection?
    • A mobile inspector is a powerful tool for any business that deals with scenarios that require logging of incidents, inspections, signature capture needs, operations of security, management of physical properties, and more.
  • What Is An Inspection App?
    • A mobile inspection application is typically used with mobile devices that aid businesses in various paperless inspections that deal with information collection and documentation, both online or offline.