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Energize Capital Execution

Accelerate your capital construction projects by 30%, eliminate 90% of your paper data, and boost crew performance by 25% with a digital workflow that seamlessly orchestrates people, work, and assets in one, utility-specific workforce mobility app. Our tools empower utilities to break through pre-construction, digital redlining, and project close-out inefficiencies to shrink time to revenue, optimize material management, and de-risk critical new infrastructure and grid hardening projects.

Faster Time to Capital Investment Realization

By shrinking construction time, our field service management solution lets you get to the next project faster, increase construction throughput, and prioritize emerging capital work to generate revenue much sooner. Plus, optimize resource management and find opportunities to combine projects, further improving capital execution.

Accelerate Asset Capitalization

Mounting Construction Work in Progress (CWIP) costs from long cycle work place a heavy burden on your balance sheet. By optimizing inventory management and accelerating cycle time, ARCOS Mobile Workbench reduces construction costs, helping you recover CWIP faster.

Increase Revenue From New Meters

Do you have a labor shortage that creates a backlog of new meter installations? Our field service management solution empowers distribution teams to complete more jobs in a day and hit net new meter targets with the resources you already have, transforming your work backlog into revenue while improving customer satisfaction.

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Learn More About Digital Construction Management

ARCOS Mobile Workbench is utility-specific, mobile workforce management software that accelerates time-to-revenue by connecting your entire back office and field teams around a common dataset, with tools and views designed to help them safely, reliably, and cost-efficiently complete each phase of capital projects. Download this product sheet to learn more.

Additional Features Your Team Will Love

  • Precisely track materials used during jobs and manage the return and inventory update of unused items to prevent loss or theft.
  • Drive more ROI from existing enterprise software with a powerful API integrating your CAD, GIS, ERP, WMS, and more.
  • Make job details, permits, and related documents instantly available to workers on their mobile devices.
  • Completely eliminates manual redlines, adders, and back office transcription. Also, validates all steps and materials against project specifications and compatible units.
  • Automatically push as-built designs into any GIS system, bypassing manual transcriptions and avoiding human error.
  • Import your unique, versioned compatible unit (CU) library and utilize Advanced Time Tracking to access accurate data to refine it over time.

Configured to Meet Utility-Scale Challenges Head On

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Streamline Pre-Construction

Enables teams to easily adjust designs, issue job readiness tasks (stake, locate), automate requisition, and alert crews to pick up and start early.

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Track Employee and Contractor Work

Manage your entire hybrid workforce, assign digital work packets for construction projects, automatically capture time sheets, benchmark crew performance, and reduce paid wait time.

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Simplify As-Built Design Markup

Provides easy access to permits, work details, compatible units, and tools to digitally record design redlines and adders from phones and tablets.

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Manage All Blue Sky Work

Go beyond construction with more modules to manage all of your routine operations: inspection/meters, maintenance, and vegetation.

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Accelerate Project Close-Out

Complete projects more efficiently by ensuring that parts and equipment are returned to inventory, and provide finance with data and KPIs needed for payroll and audit.

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Switch to Emergency Response

Seamlessly transition to unplanned work - including equipment failure, outages, and damage by outside parties - in the same mobile app.

Knowledge is Power

Learn how ARCOS is helping companies elevate efficiencies and customer satisfaction with our mobile workforce management tools. Read our case studies and white papers or hear it in the words of our customers by watching our video series.

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Bring all of your disconnected systems together and enable real-time communication between the field and back office with our mobile workforce management tools.