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Orchestrate Damage Assessment and Restoration at Any Scale

With the increasing frequency and severity of outage events, utilities must rapidly respond to the effects of climate change by assessing damage to systems and prioritizing the crews and materials required for repair. Powering real-time situational awareness and reporting across thousands of native and non-native crews, the ARCOS Mobile Workbench app mobilizes field workers 12x faster and accelerates damage assessment and repair following storms, wildfires, and other natural disasters, shrinking restoration by days for hurricane-scale events.

Reduce Service Interruptions

Our damage assessment app guides users, enabling new line workers and non-native contractors to quickly get up to speed. Damage assessments are immediately available to emergency management and event coordinators, accelerating repair and shrinking time to restoration and CAIDI/SAIDI.

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Enable Safer Emergency Response

Out-of-date print feeder maps and large numbers of non-native crews unfamiliar with your circuits pose risks and delay restoration. Empower crews to take the next best step with real-time situational awareness of people, work status, asset location, and the most current circuits with direction of flow.

Seamlessly Blend Native and Non-Native Crews

A surge of mutual assistance crews places an immediate strain on response coordinators to organize and direct resources for maximum effect. ARCOS Mobile Workbench efficiently assigns patrol routes, captures time sheets, and redirects resources as needed for employees, native contractors, and non-native crews.

Learn More About Damage Assessment

When responding to an emergency power restoration event, utilities must rapidly assess damage to their infrastructure to prioritize the crews and materials required for repair. Download this product sheet to learn more.

Additional Features Drive Greater Value

  • Drive more ROI from existing enterprise software with a powerful API integrating your OMS, GIS, ADMS, ERP, and more.
  • Capture, validate, and transmit accurate damage assessments and materials needed directly to a live map and your OMS.
  • Automatically calculate customers affected and identify crews and equipment needed by type of damage to improve accuracy.
  • Accelerate time to power restoration with capabilities to prioritize work based on most critical areas in need.
  • Submit digital work packets for repair jobs, track resources on a live map, and filter by type of damage.

Configured to Meet Utility Challenges Head On

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Securely Onboard Crews

Onboard your RAMP-UP resources, assign specific patrol circuits, and revoke mutual assistance user access once outage response is complete.

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Book More Storm Account Costs

Redirect time saved on damage assessment to find partially damaged equipment that is likely to fail in the future (e.g., lightning arrestor), booking costs to storm accounts instead of operating expenses.

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Assess Damage in Real-Time

Guide damage assessors to assigned locations and instantly transmit assessments, or hold in offline mode and send reports when a cellular connection is made.

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Manage All Unplanned Work

Go beyond storm events with more modules to manage all of your unplanned work: equipment failure, outages, and damage by outside party.

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Accelerate Storm Cost Recovery

Simplify storm cost recovery and FEMA reimbursement by documenting repair during restoration with voice dictation and photos alongside asset details.

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Switch to Blue Sky Operations

Seamlessly transition back to routine work - capital construction projects, inspection/meter work, maintenance, and vegetation management - in the same mobile app.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

From the largest electric and gas utilities in North America to major airlines, Fortune 150 energy companies and more, leaders put their trust in us.

Knowledge is Power

Learn how ARCOS is helping elevate efficiencies and customer satisfaction with our damage assessment for utilities by reading our case studies and white papers. Or, hear it in the words of our customers by watching our video series.

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Bring all of your disconnected systems together and enable real-time communication between the field and back office with damage assessment software today.