Revolutionizing Workforce
Mobility for Utilities

Manage Work, People, & Assets in ONE Mobile Solution

It’s one thing to see a demo, it’s another to battle test ARCOS Mobile Workbench for yourself. Take advantage of our special offer to try one of our three field mobility workflows for yourself:

Damage Assessment & Restoration empowers crews in the field to assess critical situations more accurately and safely, and get the power back on more quickly.

Inspection & Maintenance helps manage meter inspections, scheduled maintenance, and vegetation management with purpose-built digital workflows.

Construction Management accelerates your capital construction projects with more efficient planning and execution, including expansion of electric, gas, and water distribution systems.

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• There is NO license fee required for the duration of the Proof of Concept (POC).
• Setup fees are fully refundable when your organization moves forward after POC.
• Prior to launch of POC, success criteria will be mutually defined.
• POC access is typically available for up to 3 months after an initial 2 – 4 weeks of setup & training.
• ARCOS will load your GIS data into the POC.

Customer Success Stories

Utilities from across the country are using Mobile Workbench MWM software to improve safety, lower costs, and increase reputation and reliability. Read the case studies below to learn more.

Large Midwest Electric Utility Revolutionizes Workforce Mobility

Southern Company Finds the Right Mobile Workforce Management Solution

Electric Utility Accelerates Crew Callout and Simplifies Resource Management