Resource Assist is a quick and easy, centralized platform for utilities and utility service providers to electronically manage the process of fulfilling resources needed for maintenance, repairs or storm damage.

As a utility service provider that does business with Cooperative, Municipal or Investor Owned Utilities, you qualify to register your company in Resource Assist.  By registering and providing detailed contractor profile information, utilities that use Resource Assist can easily search the utility service provider database for resources needed.

If a utility wants to request resources from you, they will invite you to connect to them.  Invitations to connect are received via the email address you provide in your profile.  Once you are connected to the utility, you can begin to receive requests and electronically exchange resource information.  No subscription or fees apply.

Note that until you are invited by your utility customer, you will not be able to receive resource requests from your utility customers.

ARCOS requires an approval process to ensure our utility customers are seeing qualified utility service providers.  Once you complete your registration request, ARCOS will verify your company information and notify you via email if you are approved.  The approval email will provide instructions on how to complete your profile.  The more profile information provided, the more likely you are to be found in contractor searches conducted by utilities.

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