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A electric utility worker using ARCOS's Automated Callouts App while sitting in his car

To stay at the top of your game, you can’t stop innovating. Although ARCOS was founded in the early 2000’s with our Callout solution, we haven’t stopped improving and increasing the efficiency of our resource management platform’s anchor. However, as our Callout enhancements roll out, some new items may get lost in our users’ daily shuffle. We thought we would take time to focus on nine of Callout’s trending enhancements from over the last two years. Some of you may already be using a few of these upgrades but many may come as a surprise.  

  • Employee Status Change Report – This enhancement (which some may know as Log Trace) makes it possible to look for changes made to an employee’s record via the Mobile app or SMS communications.​ This can be helpful in researching when/who changed the position or record of an employee on the callout list (including employees in the field), or why an employee did not receive a call they should have. 
  • Extract Roster Push Files – Your current callout lists can now be accessed via the API for storage off-line outside of ARCOS.​ In the event that ARCOS ever goes down, the Roster Push files ensure lists are available for emergency manual calling. 
  • Set Landing Page – This enhancement to Account Administrator capabilities will help users work smarter by allowing them to set their beginning landing page to where they spend most of their time. ​Whether it’s field schedules to get an overall view of who is working, Rest Provision, Vacation, or Sick time, users can customize the solution to start ARCOS Callout wherever they like. 
  • Enhanced Mass Calling Capability – For those businesses using ARCOS Siren mass calling to contact customers, enhanced contact options allow for communications to be released in many different format options. Users can now use phone calls, emails or text messages. 
  • CTT – CTT logic can aid investigation and help dispute grievances by providing reason as to why a callout appeared to result in employees being called ‘out of order’. It is a solution geared toward resolving grievances. 
  • Two Factor Authentication Option – With an enhanced focus on the security of PII, along with the increasing need to work smarter not harder, ARCOS has added support for Two-Factor Authentication, or 2FA. This allows employees to have a hand in protecting their information, while freeing administrators from being inundated by password reset requests. It also enforces additional security for logins. 
  • Shift Assignment by Roster – Administrators can assign the same shift to all roster members. This functionality supports rotating shifts (especially during these pandemic times). It’s an easy way ​to keep crews together, and minimize ‘cross crew contamination,’ by assigning all members of a roster to a specific shift in a simple click.
  • Enhanced Mobile App Options – With the addition of SMS texting from Callout, crews in the field can receive a call, an email, and a push notification simultaneously – or not. This new Callout attribute lets ARCOS users control how field workers receive callout offers. You have the choice to send only an SMS text or delay a phone call until after an SMS text so an employee does not receive a text and a phone call at the same time. Users now have options, which opens new ways of Callout delivery.
  • Enhanced Security Edit Options – Taking additional steps to put more control into the field employee’s hands, new security features can be used to allow a field user to make changes to their phone numbers without a supervisor’s help.​ Again, this frees up administrators so they can keep attention on operational tasks.  

These are just nine of the latest enhancements to ARCOS Callout. Our team of developers and product managers are working on many more and are always open to suggestions. Check out the ARCOS IdeaBank to post your ideas and vote on others suggested by fellow users. To learn morecontact us here.


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