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Work management is a challenge for everyone, no matter the industry. You’re often using multiple systems that don’t talk to one another as you try to effectively coordinate workers, equipment, and jobs. Or maybe you’re using a paper process, which can result in a backlog of days or weeks to get updates entered into the system of record. With an increase in storms and generational turnover, this can get even more complicated to manage.

An automated system can make this whole process easier. It can serve as a single source of truth for all activities at once. It replaces paper with a portal every worker can log into and check at any given moment from any location, improving coordination and eliminating delayed updates. Assignments can go out to multiple individuals and crews at once, offering a standardized process for everyone.

The Flexibility of an All-in-One Solution

ARCOS Mobile Workbench combines all the work assignments, updates, and reports into one easy-to-use system, eliminating tedious manual work and seamlessly integrating your existing legacy systems.  Or you can run everything completely through ARCOS – whatever works best for your process.

If you already use ARCOS, Mobile Workbench is just another tab in your interface, right alongside Callout and Crew Manager, and can easily share data with those features. You’ll be able to see every project, every work order, every crew, and filter on them. You can review expected hours and any adjustments as they come, giving early warning before crews run over time and budget. You can export comprehensive reports back to your chosen system or download them in spreadsheets, and can even approve changes on the ground in real-time without needing to pick up the phone.

ARCOS has been integrating with various software solutions for about twenty years, so we have lots of experience integrating right into your existing system. This allows you to assign jobs in ARCOS or in the programs you already use. Similarly, ARCOS has a built-in unit library, or you can connect your own, so the rights parts can be selected for a work order and the associated details are automatically added. Basically, we work with you and your existing processes, whatever those may be.

Mobile Solutions to Common Challenges

A large challenge is keeping the back office and field personnel (including contractors and mutual assistance workers from other companies) on the same page. ARCOS Mobile Workbench connects them with live updates. Tickets can be assigned in the office or in the field, and workers get those assignments on their phone or tablet instantly, including all the details and information they need to complete the job. They can then make updates that are seen in real-time by the office staff.

The correct forms pop right up when employees access a job assigned to them, and you can customize ARCOS Mobile Workbench to include any forms you need. Workers can add their notes, photos, and red line edits – anything they would do in a paper or manual system – right into the app, or even scan in QR Codes. Locations are tracked ONLY when the app is running, and can automatically figure drive time, as well as provide navigation instructions in the employee’s favorite map system without needing a street address.

ARCOS Mobile Workbench is completely secure, with only those granted access by the server able to see the information. Data is encrypted both at rest and in transit, so you control who accesses it.

You can sync with ARCOS Schedule data, and your field supervisors can adjust hours as needed. You can easily track all your expenses, time, and equipment. There’s also a built-in GIS viewer. ARCOS licenses this by site, so you won’t have to use individual licenses for any employees, contractors, or anyone else who accesses it.

The Importance of Offline Capability

ARCOS Mobile Workbench is compatible with any mobile device, and even useable offline, with work orders and all associated data downloaded in small packets on your phone so it doesn’t take up memory. This is ideal for storm situations when signals may not be readily available. And as soon as you get even a tiny bit of connection back, the system will automatically instantly update without employees needing to manually submit anything.

If ARCOS Mobile Workbench sounds like a solution for your company, contact ARCOS now to get started. Or check out this on-demand demo at your leisure. (We promise, it will only take a few minutes.)


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