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Change can be hard, and our basic instincts often guard against making changes. You remember the adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Unfortunately, this perfectly normal urge can allow us to grow complacent. This applies not only to our personal lives but also our work lives. The systems we use, which have been honed and refined over decades of experience, can sometimes go without review and enhancement for years. Also, even the most refined processes have room for improvement. The needs and requirements of the world keep changing and so must we to stay relevant and competitive.

The challenge is to identify what shouldn’t be touched and what can be improved upon. ARCOS understands this and has a variety of configurable options for all your business needs. We can often incorporate your legacy processes into your personalized configuration in the various ARCOS solutions. This allows you to get more mileage and leverage out of what you worked so hard to build, without disrupting your business.

Replacing Manual Processes with Automated Solutions

One way to make use of ARCOS is by updating your current technology without changing your operational processes. We can help you move things you managed on paper online without modifying the steps you take to do them in. In this way, we’re not tossing out anything, we’re just upgrading the interface you use.

For instance, you likely already have many rules when deciding which employees to call for a job based on your business needs and workforce agreements. We can configure those rules into our software and automate the calls. You no longer need to take all the agreement rules into account on the fly and this helps to eliminate mistakes. We can also call multiple employees at once, making the callout process quicker and more efficient. By replacing a cumbersome task with a few clicks of the mouse, you can still do what you do, but your time is freed up to focus on what’s really important.

If you keep employee schedules in the ARCOS system, you will always know who is truly available, not just who is supposed to be available. This means there isn’t time wasted calling those on PTO or who are already out on another call. Even without the full schedules, each callout will take into account the unreleased callouts that came before.

Reporting Made Effortless

Reporting is another place where ARCOS comes in handy. In the scenario described above, the team making the manual calls needed to keep meticulous records in case a grievance was filed, or an employee questioned the order of those called. Besides essentially eliminating grievances because the system follows the configured rules every time, in ARCOS everything is tracked automatically so you can look back at what was done at any time.

The automated reporting capabilities are not just limited to callouts. Everything you do in ARCOS, from assigning schedules and rosters to managing crews and incidents, is captured and recorded. We have a variety of always available, built-in reports and can build custom reports as needed. This takes a lot of burden off the staff and saves countless administrative hours collecting and inputting data and updates manually.

With ARCOS’s robust reporting, it’s easier to identify weaknesses or areas of improvement. Managers will have more time to look over data and see the trends, as well as analyze performances. In this way, you’ll be able to figure out what truly does need to be changed and what’s already working with a minimal amount of manual effort.

Uniting the Backoffice and Field

By keeping all processes and reporting in one place, you will have instant access to all your information wherever you are. ARCOS offers mobile solutions, too, so that your field workers can keep the entire staff apprised of everything being done outside of the office. ARCOS becomes a single, central source of truth for work done anywhere, removing delays in reports coming in and being entered into the system. You will finally get a real-time look at the entire operation, resources and personnel.

This serves multiple purposes that go beyond the data-centric. It 1) more fully connects your team, 2) makes communication easier while allowing for adjustments on the fly, and 3) lets you manage the flow of work in blue skies or grey, being nimble and responsive to the situation on the ground.

ARCOS doesn’t need to change your current process unless you want it changed. Instead, we help you update your technology and enable your systems to talk to one another while keeping everything that is already proven to be working well.

To learn how we can work with you to seamlessly blend your legacy operations with our technological upgrades, contact us today.


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