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Two line works in a bucket truck inspecting a power transmission line

The Smart Grid is more than just intelligent meters or an opportunity to promote green energy. It’s a whole new cost-saving way of looking at how a utility does business from top to bottom, and how utilities will continue to evolve in the future. In its simplest form, the Smart Grid is a network of self-sufficient systems that support the integration of power generation sources. It aims to reduce workforce while cost-effectively supplying reliable and sustainable electricity to customers, businesses, and organizations. It safely and securely ensures low losses and improved reliability while integrating more renewable energy into an existing network.

ARCOS understands the need for Smart Grid operational systems to integrate with fast restoration, callout, crew, and work management applications. We provide the energy industry with a high return on investment in a SaaS resource management platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing processes for blue skies or grey. Providing comprehensive and real-time reporting, ARCOS gives you one source of truth for the entire integrated resource and mobile work management system.

ARCOS Callout and ARCOS Mobile App’s speed and efficiency has saved one company more than $6.6 million due to the reduction of time needed to administer schedules, ensure statuses, eliminate manual calls, and make sure all union rules were followed.

By permitting direct data communication between a utility and its customers, the Smart Grids allow for:

  • Instant monitoring of electricity, including outages.
  • Quicker restoration.
  • Reduced operation and management costs.
  • Savings passed on to consumers.

So, how can an automated resource management platform make your Smart Grid strategy even better?

Including ARCOS in your Smart Grid Plan
One of the most essential ways ARCOS assists with key metrics is by improving callout and mobile processes across your organization. Without an automated system, a manual callout can take hours and stall the restoration process by removing operators off-line. With an integrated resource management platform, all outage data is instantly available and can be used to automate callout and get the right people to the job quicker. The ARCOS Mobile App then allows workers in the field to keep the back office in the loop of every detail as the situation progresses.

Utilities can save even more time and money while increasing efficiency by adding ARCOS Resource Management solutions to their Smart Grid strategy. For example, Pacific Gas & Electric implemented ARCOS to help with its 20,000 employees and 16 million customers. They wanted to increase their productivity and consistency while upgrading their existing methods. ARCOS made it easier to communicate and coordinate across the organization and provided situational awareness for daily operations and emergencies.

To learn more about how our utility partners are eliminating manual processes, enhancing their existing technology, and increasing employee engagement, check out our customer success stories.


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