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One of the most important aspects of a good employee scheduling system is the communication of schedules and changes to those schedules.

Schedule Changes

Any time that a shift is added, changed, or deleted from an employee’s calendar, the employee is notified via email (as well as text/SMS if they have requested to receive those). This also includes potential changes like trade requests from co-workers. This communication helps to cut down on the amount of times that an employee needs to log into the system to check their account/calendar for changes.



Location administrators have the ability to post announcements on the home page of employees belonging to selected work groups. These messages will generally be used for company informational messages and don’t necessary need to be related to RosterApps functionality.




RosterApps has the ability to create an email (and optional text/SMS) message to be sent to selected or all employees for a location. This can be helpful when trying to fill last minute shifts or alerting off duty employees of operational issues they should be aware of.





There are many reports available at each user level and cover a wide range of data. Since everything that happened to a shift is recorded in RosterApps, we have the ability to present whatever view you need and all in real-time. If there are any reports that would be helpful to your operation and we don’t already offer them, we can easily create one for you to run as needed.