All the features you need


Because scheduling doesn’t live in a vacuum, you can integrate RosterApps with any other related system to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your workforce management solution.

Time & Attendance

To gain even more efficiency with RosterApps we suggest integrating RosterApps and your time & attendance system so that there is no double entry involved with schedule updates. If you don’t currently have a time & attendance system or aren’t happy with the one you have, we can provide a full featured solution for you as well with punch capability (software and physical clocks), rounding, time cards review, pay rules, etc.


Human Resources Information System

To simplify the addition of new employees as well as the synchronization of accrual account balances, RosterApps can be integrated with your HRIS. When new employees matching specified criteria (location, department, classification, etc.) are populated in the HRIS, they can be also populated in RosterApps automatically thus avoiding manual entry and avoiding possible errors.



Other Related Systems

RosterApps has a variety of Web Services available for importing or exporting data which makes it easy to set up a data source for other systems that are affected by schedule changes. For example, you might have a complex job assignment system that can assign tasks to employees within their shift and uses the expected employee schedules to develop an efficient distribution of these tasks. Utilizing the RosterApps Web Service, this system can automatically pull the latest schedule information from RosterApps so that last minute trades, absences, and assignments are taken into account.