Manage People — Not Paper. ARCOS RosterApps Is The Airline Ground Crew Scheduling and Rostering Solution That Keeps Track Of Scheduling Rules, Bids, Trading, PTO And More So You Don’t Have To.

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Managing Airline Ground Crew Scheduling and Rostering with ARCOS Rosterapps

Say goodbye to piles of paper, spreadsheets, confusing rosters and lines of employees and airline crew members waiting to swap their shifts. ARCOS RosterApps is the future of ground crew shift management, accessible from all electronic devices – anytime, anywhere. Let employees handle their own shift bidding, swapping, and PTO, while you approve with the click of a mouse.

Why fill airline crew shifts with ARCOS RosterApps Airline Rostering Software?

Convenient self-serve preferential crew shift bidding, trading, and partial shift split scheduling 
Configurable to your specific labor union rules
RosterApps software can be used as a standalone system or integrated with an existing system with our API
Logs all shifts worked for employee dependability metrics and efficient paychecks
Intuitive and user-friendly for both supervisors and employees


Easily manage employee and airline crew information with our scheduling software to create shift bids, assign overtime, and electronically approve or deny requests without worrying about paper, spreadsheets, or fax machines. Supervisors can get hours back to their week so they can focus on strategic initiatives, customer satisfaction, and helping get planes into the air more efficiently.


Increase employee retention while decreasing grievances within your airline. RosterApps allows employees to quickly manage their own schedules without the hassle of submitting requests on paper or waiting in lines. Employees can choose their preferred schedules or simply trade and bid on shifts right from their smartphones. And with automatic email and text notifications, communicating updates and crew changes just became easier.


Your IT team can sigh with relief – our API has powerful integration capabilities which maximize existing investments and use of any Time & Attendance or Human Resources Information Systems. RosterApps is web-based with security protocols specific to critical infrastructure providers, with no requirement to install, update, or maintain any equipment.

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