ARCOS Resource Management Solutions

Get the Right People, With the Right Skills, at the Right Time


ARCOS is specifically designed to help organizations manage their most important resources – their employees. Using ARCOS, companies reduce the time it takes to find and fill open shifts from hours to just minutes. Employees receive notifications for open shifts they are eligible for and can quickly respond. With this technology, you can automate tedious manual shift bidding and even enable employees to trade shifts with built-in business rules to manage compliance. From shift management on a daily basis to emergency response, we can help you automate manual processes that take up too much time, help you empower your employees, and ensure your employees are focused on safety and productivity.



  • Digitize the daily callout for unexpected absences and to fill future shifts – removing paper, spreadsheets and manual phone calls
  • Empower your employees with shift swapping and bidding – allow them to digitally swap shifts after they’ve been assigned, all while following your business rules and approval process guidelines
  • Reduce grievances with accurate callouts and swaps that automatically follow bargaining agreements, as well as the ability to quickly pull historical data and reports on your employees
  • Rapidly mobilize employees and contractors to respond to unplanned incidents that align with how you choose to deploy, whether it’s ICS or your own response plan
  • Quickly request and manage contractors so you can get people on shifts faster
  • Automatically notify employees of changes or potential hazards


RosterApps allows schedulers and supervisors to shift the balance of work to employees; letting them swap shifts after they’ve been assigned or bid on open shifts. The best part? Business rules ensuring trades are compliant with your union agreements/policies. With RosterApps you can: 

  • Return time to supervisors to be on the floor instead of taking phone calls to adjust shifts and manually entering data
  • Enable employees with an online self-service model to accept, bid on and swap available shifts, giving them more control over their schedules within your established business rules
  • Enable supervisors or schedulers to electronically approve or deny requests, assign overtime or mark employees late/absent 
  • Maximize your existing investments in HR systems and provide real-time and historical data to streamline payroll accuracy


Callout helps organizations RESPOND to staffing needs for planned and emergency work, RESTORE your operations and productivity safely, and REPORT real-time and historical information to key stakeholders. With Callout you can:

  • Eliminate phone calls and spreadsheets when trying to fill shifts for unexpected absences or future projects
  • Reduce grievances with automatic compliance to union or business rules, including real-time and historical data for response 
  • Track & Manage real-time availability of employees, quickly arranging the right people, with the right skills for the right job
  • Quickly cover shifts to maintain minimum staffing levels

CASE STUDY: Piedmont Airlines, Inc.

Automated Scheduling Helps Piedmont Profit From the Ground Up

When Brian Wemple, director of Planning and Support for regional air carrier Piedmont Airlines, Inc., first came to his current role several years ago, he says, “We were looking to take a new step with scheduling.” According to Wemple, there wasn’t a system-level way to do shift scheduling, run reports and know how many hours the airline’s regional stations were using. The steps involved in creating a suggested shift schedule for ground handling workers wasn’t automated.

See how we helped one of our nation’s critical infrastructure companies solve their shift management challenges and digitize their manual processes by implementing ARCOS RosterApps systemwide.

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