ARCOS Customer Support

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Per our security procedures, ARCOS Support cannot assist users with pin or password issues, locked accounts, or verifying first time user information. If you are experiencing one of these issues, please reach out to your supervisor, help desk or your company’s ARCOS administrator for assistance.

ARCOS offers three ways for System Administrators* to contact ARCOS Support:

1. Log into the OSCAR Support Portal. This is the best option for System Administrators that have quick questions, need instructions, or have non-urgent issues.

2. Email ARCOS Support.

3. Call ARCOS Support at 1-888-634-8507 (option 3). This is the best option for any urgent issues.

* Please ensure that you are the designated system administrator on the account, otherwise, we will be unable to support your request. We take the security of our customer’s accounts very seriously. Only designated System Administrators receive support from the ARCOS Support Team.