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We’re glad to see you again!

If you just changed utilities…

ARCOS has been growing and evolving with our customers…click around to see what’s new!  

  • Mobile Workbench is a great place to start – you can now automatically match up your crews and work with mobile work ticket delivery 
  • See how your peers are using our solutions to keep crews safe with pods and more during this COVID-19 Pandemic 
  • Incident Manager, which helps manage your emergency plans and response, has been updated with new features including a platform-wide event reporting capability
  • Resource Assist Lite is available for free and can help improve communication between contractors and utilities for maximum efficiency
  • And Mobile Callouthas been improved with more functionality so your managers and supervisors can accomplish more remotely and in the field

And if you’ve entered a new industry…

Congrats! Did you know ARCOS can still help with your resource and shift management needs?  

  • Useautomated solutions that can expedite the filling of shifts and follow your union or business rules (with complete reporting so grievances are eliminated) 
  • You can empower your employees with a self-service model that allows them to make PTO requests, trade, swap and bid on new shift packages digitally (removing manual spreadsheets and emails)  
  • Automate the stand up of your company’s ICS structure in seconds, and keep work flowing even with limited staffing 

Our solutions save valuable time and money by making businesses lean and efficient, and removing manual processes.  

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