SaaS solution to automate the process of finding qualified, available flight crews to fill open trips.

Hang up the phone, and focus on more important, strategic scheduling activity

With ARCOS Ascend™, airlines can automate the process of finding qualified, available pilots and flight attendants to fill open trips due to last minute call-offs or an IROP. Carriers can save thousands of dollars by reducing canceled flights.

ARCOS Ascend™ can get flights off the ground faster while eliminating the need to actually pick up a phone and dial.

ARCOS Ascend™automates manual phone calls to flight crews using your specific business rules for eligibility and confirmation times while providing flight crews the ability to review, organize, and accept flights via a mobile app
Schedulers can focus on eligibility and more important strategic activity that ensures safety and a better customer experience while crews are confirmed and assigned in seconds vs hours — which helps flight schedules stay on time and reduces cancellations
ARCOS Ascend™ works with your master scheduling system and other systems needed to feed the business rules engine and is cloud based – meaning ARCOS manages the strict security protocols required of critical infrastructure customers

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