An all-in-one SaaS solution that will automate the process of finding qualified and available flight crews to fill those last minute open trips.

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With ARCOS Ascend™, the process of finding qualified, available crew members to fill open trips or shifts due to last-minute call-offs has never been easier. Our solution automates two-way, rules-based communication. This makes it more intuitive for airline schedulers to monitor, approve, and distribute open trips. Ascend™ provides airline flight crews with an easy shift bidding & swapping solution. It eliminates the need to use multiple systems so you can speed up trip coverage and reduce the number of canceled or delayed flights. With a crew call out & scheduling system, airlines can automate the process of finding qualified, available pilots and flight attendants to fill open trips due to last minute call-offs or an IROP. Carriers can save thousands of dollars by reducing canceled flights.

Fill trips faster without ever picking up a phone.

automated flight crew scheduling software
ARCOS Ascend™ automates manual phone calls to flight crews leveraging your existing scheduling, planning and HR solutions alongside your specific business rules for eligibility and confirmation times.
automated flight crew scheduling
Flight Crews have the ability to review, organize, and accept flights via the Ascend Mobile App without ever having to speak to a scheduler.
mobile workbench
Flight Crews are assigned and confirmed in seconds vs. hours, leaving schedulers more time to focus on important strategic activity – like creating an excellent customer experience with fewer flight cancellations.
union workforce resource management software
ARCOS Ascend™ is cloud-based and meets strict industry standards for critical infrastructure industries.

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