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About Mobile Workbench Construction

The construction process at many utilities suffers from “app overload.” There are simply too many digital point solutions in use, and no meaningful connections between them. Information is also stranded in paper work packets. The result is that tracking and completing projects can suffer from delays and data gaps that prevent you from recognizing revenue and meeting your grid modernization objectives.

ARCOS Mobile Workbench is a utility-specific digital construction management solution that accelerates time to revenue by efficiently planning and safely executing system construction, including critical grid hardening and modernization efforts.

  • Create a complete, real-time street level view of assets, construction status, and crew location.
  • Drive operational efficiency, transparency, and safety throughout pre-construction, short or long cycle work, and post-construction.
  • Seamlessly connect the field and back office around a single shared view of projects in flight.
  • Integrate your digital assets, systems, and datasets (CAD, WMS, GIS, Inventory) into a single system with powerful push/pull APIs.


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Three circular graphics containing images of utility workers working on power lines and connected through ARCOS utility software

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Bring all of your disconnected systems together and enable real-time communication between the field and back office with Mobile Workbench today.