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The Sunday Read: Tech is a necessity for efficiency and reliability

By May 19, 2019Blog

Wild fires running rampant! Over-compressed gas lines exploding! Increasing frequency of unplanned weather events!

The world is full of dangers to our customers and how we run our businesses. A recent Utility Dive article about the use of drones to check power lines and our own Energy Central article about drones and chatbots had us thinking about how vital technology is in all sectors of utility and critical infrastructure management.

It’s no longer a case of keeping software and equipment on a budgetary back-burner, it’s time to accelerate adoption and get the digital pieces in place now before the next incident happens and our users go on a warpath of blame, shame and complaining about how restoration efforts are slow, convoluted and mismanaged.

How is your operation using technology? Is its use up to par? How can you implement more and use it to encourage better customer service experiences? Do you have Crew Manager, Mobile Inspection, Damage Assessment and other tools in place?

The Sunday Read ponders these questions as we wrap up another weekend…


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