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Why the utility industry needs to play ‘Moneyball’

By August 1, 2018Blog


By Ted Schneider

In an earlier post on Energy Central, a writer proposed new ways utilities could apply proven technologies for tracking workers. Let’s add location services to that list. Many of us carry a smartphone, which, of course, features location services for day-to-day business or personal apps.

By writing an algorithm for the location services feature of a smartphone, tech guys can set the ping rate (or echo protocol) for anywhere from a few seconds to a half hour or more. Why bother doing that? Imagine you’re a damage assessor. As you drive a circuit and get closer to a target, your smartphone ping rate increases. Consequently, alerting the storm center where you are and how quickly you’re moving from asset to asset. Or let’s say you’re a mutual assistance crew headed to help a neighboring utility. As you close in on your destination, we speed up the ping rate to give the storm center a more accurate ETA for you and your crew.

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