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Utility Supplies: Utility Resource Management Software

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ARCOS® LLC, a North American provider of utility resource management software, has added Location Services technology to its Software-as-a-Service solutions to map the real-time location of utility crews. With Location Services, utility managers can continuously track users of the ARCOS Mobile app and store their location within any ARCOS product using a mobile device’s GPS technology.

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Speed Up Damage Assessment

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In a survey conducted in September 2016 by ARCOS LLC, the software provider asked utilities how they manage damage assessment in the wake of major events like storms and earthquakes. ARCOS found a majority (35%) still relying on paper and pencil and others relying on electronic forms that were hand entered into an OMS (31%), other forms are represented and detailed in the full text.
The results are surprising if for no reason other than technology for assessing damage after major events has existed for more than a decade. One utility understands the challenge of relying on manual processes for damage assessment is Consolidated Edison of New York. When Superstorm Sandy left 8.2 million of its customers without electricity in October 2012, it took Con Edison more than a week to assess the damage. In the wake of the storm Con Edison put into place a device-agnostic damage assessment system that brings assessors an online and offline capability for finding and reporting damage.

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Eversource Energy Implements Crew-Management Automation

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ARCOS has implemented its Crew Manager solution for Eversource Energy to increase completion rates for planned work. The resource management solution enables centralized crew planning that employees across the service territory can run during blue-sky days and major events. With centralized data about crews and resources, Eversource is able to operate more efficiently across 40 work centers in three states.

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