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Could you provide regulators with a storm report in hours vs days?

By December 21, 2017Blog

Two days ago, Maine’s regulators ordered power companies to complete a storm report detailing their response to the October windstorm that knocked out power in the Northeast to half a million people. The regulators want a report within 30 days describing the daily outages as well as contractor-specific dates, times, locations, equipment and number of crews during restoration. The utilities also need to report in detail about mutual assistance and how they coordinated with state and local officials during restoration.

In addition to detailing the costs incurred to restore, the commission wants details on all external resources used, including contractors and utilities, and how they coordinated with state and local officials during restoration.

How many hours – or days – would it take your utility to pull this together?

Crew Manager Timeline Dashboard

Moving this timeline bar forward or back provides a snapshot of the status and distribution of crews at any given time. All information can be exported to a CSV or Excel file.


Resource Management solutions from ARCOS are cloud-based and designed specifically to help all utilities (Gas, Electric and Water) automatically capture this type of data, so it’s available to submit the moment regulators or utility executives request it.  Many of our utility customers also use the data to hone their own process for continuous improvement and performance management. As a utility, if you could respond in a few hours to this request with accurate and detailed information (even maps for historical visualization) — your utility would be a hero.  That’s what we set out to do every day – make our customers heroes.  There’s a reason why 70% of electric utilities use ARCOS solutions to respond, restore and REPORT for both ‘blue sky’ and storm events.


For the complete story, please see the article by Lori Valigra at Bangor Daily News


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