ARCOS Solutions help solve the utility industry’s toughest challenges.

Managing Emergencies More Effectively: Zoom In on the Big Picture

Now more than ever, emergency preparedness and response (EP&R) for utilities has become a year-round concern. Join us for a unique conversation on how emergency preparedness connects the everyday tasks to improve public situational awareness and fast, safe restoration and recovery to affected communities after an outage.

Revolutionizing Workforce Mobility: Meeting the Opportunity

Disparate systems, reams of paper, no real visibility into your operations—sound familiar? With a growing customer base of more than 141,000 residential and commercial customers, Connexus Energy is Minnesota’s largest electric cooperative, and is currently on its implementation journey to moving to a fully digital phase of operations across all planned and unplanned work.

How a Multi-State IOU Was Able to Optimize Storm Recovery and Restoration

Join us for a discussion with a Distribution Performance Improvement professional from a large IOU, as he discusses how his crews effectively leveraged an intuitive, damage assessment field mobility solution to eliminate paper in the field, drive situational awareness and greatly improve restoration times for affected communities in a recent storm.

Actionable Operational Dashboards for Utilities

Utilities today are inundated with data from multiple sources. It remains challenging to capture a real-time snapshot of operations and take meaningful action on those findings.

Learn more about how Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC) is supercharging their data capabilities to improve visibility, increase efficiencies, and to drive real action.

Respond & Restore More Quickly

When emergencies and grey-sky events arise, you need to get the right personnel into the field quickly to expedite restoration. ARCOS delivers products that are purpose-built to help operations teams quickly dispatch and manage crews.

Learn more about Callout & Crew Manager in our short on-demand demo.

Manage Work, People & Assets in One Mobile Solution

Whether blue sky or grey, utility field work is plagued by disconnection. There are too many apps, and none of them bring together critical information across your many systems of record. ARCOS Mobile Workbench is a utility-specific mobile workforce management solution that builds powerful connections.

Learn more about Mobile Workbench.

Mobile Workbench screenshot

Accelerate Short and Long Cycle Construction

The construction process at many utilities suffers from “app overload.” There are simply too many digital point solutions in use, and no meaningful connections between them. Information is also stranded in paper work packets. The result is that tracking and completing projects can suffer from delays and data gaps that prevent you from recognizing revenue and meeting your grid modernization objectives.

Learn more about Mobile Workbench Construction in our short demo.

Actionable Operational Analytics for Utilities

Although data in utilities is plentiful, it’s a constant challenge to make that data actionable. Silos build up around pockets of information, requiring manual effort to compile into reports. Even with a data visualization or reporting tool, you’re only ever seeing a snapshot of a moment in the past, which can’t help improve strategy when crews are actively in the field dealing with emergency scenarios.

Learn more about Utility Insight in our short demo.